Zip Tie Garden Inspiration

Before the mad rush of holiday preparation began I spent a leisurely afternoon walking in New York. I wasn’t looking for garden inspiration, but I found it.

Flaming Cactus from The Animus Arts Collective was still up in Astor Place. I’ve used zip ties for a variety of garden projects, but this transcended those. Similar to the yarn bombs in Pioneer Square in Seattle, Flaming Cactus transformed Astor Place into more than a walk through…I wanted to explore a place I’d been to and through thousands of times.

The cube and cactus at Astor Place

Looking across Astor Place from Cooper Union

The old Cooper Union building and a cactus

Cactus on 4th Avenue

Detail of a Flaming Cactus

I can think of a hundred things I now want to cover in zip ties…dead trees and lone fence posts being the first ones. You?

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2 Responses to Zip Tie Garden Inspiration

  1. Great share seeking a bit of nature in the concrete city Inspiring Happy New Year to you and yours Annie

  2. Our family decided not to go all out for Christmas this year, instead we’d share things we had. Susan, I gave my brother 4 sizes of ZIP TIES!! The biggest I got at a fair from the pipe and drape people. It was 3 feet long!! (2 together lashed my wobbly pipes to the cement pillar!)

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